Aardvark Welding Engineering

Onsite welding & steel fabrication

Aardvark Welding Engineering

Welding repairs & steel restoration

Aardvark Welding Engineering

Emergency welding repairs – domestic & commercial

Aardvark Welding Engineering offers a professional and comprehensive welding & fabrication service

We provide a wide range of projects including: various construction, engineering and civil projects, manufacturing shutdowns, plant maintenance or upgrades, pipe fabrication, welding and installation.

Our Services

Aardvark Welding Engineering offers both onsite and offsite engineering services. With our onsite service, we bring the workshop and its capabilities to your location allowing for cost effective outcomes and efficient delivery.

Our offsite facility is used for a wide range of tasks including jig work, low volume production, prototype construction and pipe fabrication.

From small to large scale projects, Aardvark Welding Engineering is a dedicated team of professionals who can service and coordinate your project requirements professionally.

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