Always Keeping Busy

AWE is about to begin a contract to install a new food grade oil production line for (Food FX) in Thomastown. The job consists of installing a 25,000 litre and 10,000 litre tanks. This new process line will consist of various diaphragm pumps, ball valves, filters and flow metres etc, which will process edible oil from the tanker and feed it right up to the product line about 100 metres away.

AWE in September jetted off to Lae in PNG again for a week’s work at the SP Brewery in September. We provided welding and fabrication services for Bernmark Constructions – assisting with the new layout of an older production line. From October till early in 2015 AWE will be providing a crew to assist with the installation of a new plant for Kingfield Galvanizing in Somerton. We are expected to be busy for several months at the new plant with several welders.

Heaps of new photos to be loaded up to our project gallery soon so stay tuned.

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