Spring Projects Currently on the Go

Final installation stages have now begun at the new Kingfield galvanising plant in Somerton. AWE will be busy through till Christmas assisting Kingfield and the Scheffer Engineers installing the new automated crane system, along with acid tanks and furnace preparation for the new plant. The first two weeks saw us complete 16 full strength Butt Joints joining the crane rail for the Turn Table Crane System. It took nearly a day to complete each weld. The beam size was 410 UB. Ultarsonic testing was used to validate the integrality of the Butt Joints. The furnace and acid tank preparation has now begun. There is plenty of duct work to install, alignment of the crane rails and so on will keep AWE busy for a while.

AWE have had welders at the Knox City Shopping town through September and October. We are conducting welding and remedial works to the existing balustrades on the first level around the centre. Westfield conducted an audit and found the balustrades needed strengthening. AWE are proud to assist Dcraft with the welding and other construction requirements.

The new workshop is coming along. Still working on a layout but hope to have the grand opening very soon.

Kingfiled galvanising. Pit for the furnace.

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