Aardvark September Onsite Welding Projects

Port Melb CraneOver the last few weeks Aardvark Welding has been assisting with the restoration of a Stothert and Pitt Heritage Crane for the Port of Melbourne. Connell Design and Construction won the contract to restore the vintage crane to her former glory. Tom Connell called Aardvark Welding and requested an extra hand before the crane is loaded onto a barge and shipped down the Yarra River back to the Port. It will then be craned into position and re-constructed.

It has been a big effort by many quality tradesman over many months to get this beauty looking as new.  The Stothert and Pitt Heritage Crane will be placed on a barge in the Yarra and shipped over to Station Pier where it will be mounted to the pier for people to see as they stroll down the pier. It weighs about 100 tons this is no small job.

Aardvark Welding is close to finalizing the contract to restore two, five storey fire escapes at the John Fawkner Hospital in Coburg. The current steel construction has suffered in the conditions over several decades and is now in need of some remedial work. Overall the structure is in good condition but some steel needs to be replaced on-site, which is just the sort of work Aardvark Welding specializes in. The work site will be scaffolded by Network Scaffolding over twelve weeks. Sub-contractors will then finish of the paint work using an Electrostatic Painting Process to minimize overspraying. Work begins in January.

Barry Crouch at Inductabend in Tottenham called Aardvark Welding to organize some assistance with welding  250nb schedule 80 pipe. About 32 welds to finish. Full penetration welds with Low Hydrogen electrodes will suit this task with all welds to be MAG particle tested. Going to try out these new Chinese Low Hydrogen electrodes. MIGWELL of Dandenong gave us a sample pack not long ago and we could not fault them. The quality was great and the price about half what you would expect to pay for a packet of KOBES LB-52U’s.

We are beginning to pick up on a positive mood across the construction industry now that the election is finally over. Expectations are high and while it probably won’t reach the feverish pace it hit a few years ago, nevertheless small businesses are expecting work to pick up significantly in the short term.


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