2015, half way through already!

2015 has kicked off to be a great year for AWE. A major contract was completed for Excellent Plating Works. The engineering team were given the task of fabricating and welding over a dozen large chemical tanks for EPW, the largest being over 5 metres long. We also fabricated 3 new core-drilling barrels of different sizes for Australian Environmental Plumbers.

AWE completed remedial work to the Air Dryer system for Halcyon Proteins inside the tight 2-day shutdown period in May. Halcyon aim was to re-route the Air Dryer Duct from a dysfunctional silo to a more efficient silo. P & D Cranes helped out with the 30 tonne Crane and Dogman. Check out our gallery for our project photos.

We have an even busier few months approaching. Major works will begin soon for Annex Holdings who specialize in Dry Food Packaging and Armstrong World Industries who manufacture commercial flooring.

Welding new bracing for Duct

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